Marvin Clark

Director of Housing


Marvin Clark is Training & Support Manager for EMERGE’s social enterprise businesses. In that role, he manages staff providing training and support to our trainees as they develop employability skills and transition to new and better jobs. Marvin has been active in workforce services, housing, and re-entry since 1999 and has overcome his own prior experiences with the criminal justice system and history of chemical dependency. He is Global Career Development Facilitator Certified and an experienced service provider in job coaching and placement, case management, Motivational Interviewing, and is a contracted cognitive behavioral skills trainer through the Power of People Leadership Institute working with men pre-release at various correctional facilities. Prior to joining EMERGE, Marvin led the Serious Offender Accountability Restoration (SOAR) project in Hennepin County, and while at EMERGE he has worked in leadership roles in Workforce, Re-entry, Housing, and Social Enterprises